Help! What Kind of Keyboard Do I Need?

Honestly, having to search through all of the different brands and types of keyboards available on the market today is a big job – even for someone like me who knows what they are looking for! Then, once you have found what you want (or think you want) THEN you have a new trail to blaze on the web to make sure that you are getting the BEST DEAL available. By the time you are done with all of that you are probably ready to go hibernate somewhere for awhile… Whew!

So, I have done all the nasty searching/price comparison work for you so that you can easily decide between just 3 different products. All three happen to be made by Yamaha, and each one listed is sold at the best price I found on the web – AND the shipping is free on any model you choose.

If you are spending your hard-earned money and precious time on piano lessons, then it only makes sense to have something decent to play when you are at home. A plastic floor mat piano or a little kiddie- multi-colored-tiny-keys keyboard it NOT what you want. Period.

The keyboards I recommend all have full size keys (very important) and are touch sensitive (also very important).

Touch sensitive means that you are able to play softly or loudly depending on how light/hard you press on the keys. In other words the volume button is in your fingers. They each also come with a stand – no playing on the floor!

The entry level keyboard has 61 keys, and includes a stand and headphones. It is the Yamaha EZ200.

Most students will do well with this model, and it is easy on the budget.

The mid level keyboard has 76 keys, and includes a stand and headphones. It is the Yamaha DGX 230

Mid-size keyboards are hard to find – this one, however, isn’t just bigger than the entry level product, it is also built to play more like a real piano (called “Graded Soft Touch Action”).

The Yamaha DGX 530 is as close to real piano as you can get (for the price). 88 full size keys, built to play like a “real” piano -Graded Soft Touch Action – and has a very nice furniture-like stand and a pedal.

If you are serious about having something really nice to play that you won’t outgrow – this is it.

And, budget-wise, it is a tremendous value. Old, beat-up real pianos usually cost more than this – and they will never sound as good.

I hope that this post has been helpful in your keyboard purchasing decision. For more detailed information and/or to purchase a keyboard, click here for my online store

pink pianoWritten by Julie Chapman - principal piano instructor for Piano Lessons with Julie.
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